Cambridge Class

We offer Cambridge International Examinations to the 10th Grade.

The young people of today have to prepare themselves for an increasingly globalised world. As a result of this we are seeing a tendency for courses to be taught in English.

Cambridge International Examinations are known worldwide, meaning that students with a Cambridge certificate have the necessary entry requirements to undertake higher education internationally.

It is becoming more common for lessons to be taught in English in Denmark. By choosing to be a part of the Cambridge Class at sportsefterskolen SINE, students are securing themselves with a solid foundation for their future studies.

If you plan to attend a gymnasium or an International Baccalaureate school after SINE it is an advantage to have taken classes via Cambridge due to the high academic level of these classes.
On you can read more about the Danish IB schools and which entry requirements they have.

The Cambridge Class is for the engaged and goal oriented student that has the desire to challenge themselves academically either within the natural sciences or within the social sciences.

To join the Cambridge Class, students should have a good level of English and Maths with a grade of 7 or higher.


Courses for Cambridge Class

English 2nd Language
Danish (FP10)


Cambridge elective courses

You must chose at least 2 courses.

Global Perspectives
Food and Nutrition

Additional electives (not Cambridge courses):
Goethe Deutsch
Tysk (FP10)
Fysik/kemi (FP10)

If there are not enough students enrolled in the elective courses the class will be canceled and students will be offered their second choice.
Classes are taught in English and the level is comparative to the first year in Gymnasium.

Students in the Cambridge Class sit Cambridge exams for each of the subjects they study. Cambridge International Examinations has an exam fee of 4.000 kr.
The price for Goethe Deutsch (Goethe Instituttet) exam is 900 kr.

In the Cambridge Class, students have a speaking exam in English and written exams in the other subjects. Global Perspectives undertakes exam projects.

All prospective Cambridge students are invited to a Cambridge Day with lessons at SINE prior to starting. Here they will participate in a range of classes before they choose which course of study is right for them.

Each year, we arrange a trip for Cambridge students to an English speaking country within Europe. This trip is voluntary an additional cost of 5.000 kr.

Elements from the students’ studies are integrated into this trip. We have been to Dublin where we have tried our hand at the Irish national sports, which make up the Gaelic Games and we have lived with host families. We have visited the University of Dublin and attended workshops at Dublin Zoo where we learned about preserving endangered specie. We have also attended workshops at Howth Castle where we have attempted to master the art of scone baking.

Our Cambridge students develop a special bond throughout the school year. They have many joint experiences such as visiting universities, bridge building at an IB school and travel. Just like the other students, Cambridge students also join the school on its annual ski trip and culture trips. There is often a range of nationalities in the Cambridge Class, which provides the students with an additional way of learning about other cultures.

Cambridge students can look forward to a school year with a high level of focus on academics as well as experiencing both the sport and social elements valued by all SINE students.

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