International Class

Improve your English in the International Class at SINE

The International Class at SINE provides an opportunity for you in the 10th grade if you enjoy English and want to improve your English proficiency to an ambitious level whilst also immersing yourself in your sport. Our International Class allows you to develop versatile language skills that you can undoubtedly use in your future education and career.

A shared interest in academic challenge, different cultures and English creates a special community in the International Class which is reinforced by a trip to an English-speaking country in Europe during the school year. The cost of the trip is 6000 kroner (the trip is optional). In the past we have visited places such as Dublin, experiencing the Irish national sport of Hurling, staying with host families, and baking authentic Irish scones at Howth Castle. Like all other students at SINE, students who choose the International Class also participate in the school ski trip and the cultural trip associated with their sport.

In our International Class, you can look forward to a school year focused on English, alongside social and sports experiences.

Those who choose the International Class will take the subjects: Cambridge English, maths in English, and FP10 Danish or Danish as a second language for foreigners. You will also choose at least two elective subjects.

Cambridge English

Cambridge English the cornerstone of our International Class and can be considered as advanced level English. The teaching is exclusively in English, and you will improve upon the four key language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

The course concludes with an Internationally recognized exam from Cambridge Assessment English. A Cambridge English diploma can help open doors for you in educational institutions and workplaces around the globe.

At SINE you can take the Cambridge English Exam at two levels:

·         Cambridge B2 First (Danish 9th-10th grade level)

·         Cambridge C1 Advanced (High school level)

The exam is mandatory, and the cost is 2800 Danish kroner.


Maths in our International Class is taught in English, providing both linguistic and academic challenges. You will learn many new mathematical terms, and since we use British teaching materials, you will also learn a lot of new mathematics. This knowledge can be advantageous as you proceed to further education.

Maths teaching in the International Class is divided into two levels: Foundation and Extended. ‘Extended’ maths is for you if you are up for a greater challenge whereas ‘Foundation’ is for you if you are comfortable with maths at 10th grade level.

The maths course concludes with an internally assessed exam, the result of which will appear on your end of year certificate.

Elective Subjects:

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship is a subject where you can learn to view global issues from various perspectives and find solutions to these issues. We aim to develop skills in critical thinking, reasoning, reflection and problem-solving. The subject is taught in English and is topic-based.  For example, you will explore issues related to topics such as: the family, law and order, belief systems and sustainable living etc.

The Global Citizenship course concludes with a group project and an internally assessed exam, the result of which will appear on your end of year certificate.

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition lessons are also taught in English and is for you if you are interested in diet, nutrition, and different food cultures. It is a hands-on subject where you will learn to prepare and cook food, as well as critically evaluate the content, composition, and cooking methods we use. We also prepare food from different cultures, including traditional dishes from the UK. In a normal week you will spend about two hours in the kitchen and one hour in the classroom to combine theory and practice.

The Food and Nutrition course concludes with an internally assessed practical exam, the result of which will appear on your end of year certificate.

Goethe German

Goethe German is taught in German, and you can read more about its teaching and exam here.

FP10 Physics and Chemistry

Physics and Chemistry is taught in Danish, and you can read more about its teaching and exam here.

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