Sportsefterskolen SINE – an extraordinary opportunity in Denmark

In Denmark, students in the 9th or 10th grade can attend what is called an ‘efterskole’ and complete their 9th or 10th grade exams. ‘Efterskole’ are officially recognized by the Danish government as a part of the Danish education system and provide the opportunity for young people to combine their education with their extracurricular interests.

Sportsefterskolen SINE is an independent school with a sports focus. Students at SINE train in their chosen sport at least 5 times per week.  The school is rich in traditions founded in Danish and Scandinavian culture. The school is located in Løgumkloster in Southern Jutland and was established in August 1997. Since then, the school has grown to accommodate around 300, 9th and 10th grade students.

At SINE, students live together in houses with both boys’ and girls’ rooms. Students typically share a 4 – person room with easy access to toilets and showers. Each house has 1-3 house teachers assigned who serve as contact teachers for the students.  The role of the contact teacher is to monitor the students’ well-being and be the primary contact between the school and parents.

Core Values

Life at SINE is based upon four core values which serve as guiding principles for both the academic education of the students and their sports education. Our expectation is that everyone does their best to always live by these values. These values are:

  • Ambition
  • Unity
  • Being present
  • Integrity


At Sine, students can choose between the following sports:

–          Handball
–          Football
–          Ski
–          Dance
–          Golf
–          Badminton
–          Fitness

The sports facilities at the school comprise a well-equipped modern sports centre with four sports halls, grass playing fields, an Astro turf pitch, a goal-station, an outdoor pool, a beach volley court, and tennis courts. Additionally, SINE has a covered driving range and ‘Mount SINE’ – an artificial ski slope.

As part of a year at SINE, each sports team goes on an international trip upon which they get to experience their chosen sport through the eyes of another culture. In addition to this, the whole school goes on a ski trip to Sweden together.


In addition to its exceptional sports programmes, SINE also offers the option of choosing the International Class. The International Class at SINE provides an opportunity for you in the 10th grade if you enjoy English and want to improve your English proficiency to an ambitious level at the same time as immersing yourself in your sport. Those who choose the International Class will take the subjects: Cambridge English (First B2 or Advanced C1), maths in English, FP10 Danish or Danish as a second language for foreigners and at least two elective subjects. SINE also offers Goethe German.

If you have any questions or wish to visit the school you can send an email to: